I was hired to wash trucks and trailers clean inside of the trailers clean the barn. any ways last month i went to wash a truck that just got back driver was solo.

when i sat down in the truck to move it i noticed there was majurina in the cup holder. I told sally the human resorse lady she went to the truck confirmed that it was marjunia said the driver was going to be drug tested. Sally told TOM HUBBARD about it!!! I seen tom talk to the driver "mike" a few minutes went by the driver came up to me and asked why am i making it hard on him!

I told him you are driving a semi under the influnace. he said i have been driving for 40 plus years i never had a accident. he then went on to say that tom is not going to do anything. I watched that driver get into the truck and leave.

I went up to TOM HUBBARD and asked him why did he let that driver leave. His response was that he will deal with him later. I told tom he should have dealt with him right then and there and i told tom that he better pray that the driver does not kill anybody!!! a week later driver came back was told that he had to take a drug test.

driver cleaned out the truck.. They REHIRED THAT DRIVER LAST THURSDAY on 8/25/2013 Would you want this company to haul your horses or better yet kill a member of your familey because the owner does not care and this driver has been suspended before.

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