Don't ever, ever use Bob Hubbard Horse Transportation. My horse arrived completely dehydrated with his gums split open by the driver using a stud chain on him!! My God, he's a therapy horse, that carries handicap children on his back.

I had to call the vet out immediatly because he started to founder from being in the trailer to long and not having any rest time. They drove 38 hours straight through. After a month of daily vet visits, I had to put my baby down due to the rotation of his coffin bone...

I hold Bob Hubbard's Horse Transportation fully responsible for this.

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HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!It has taken me one year to write this comment.

It still gets me wild up when I think of what happened to my World and Reserve Champion on transport. The horse is a wonderful shipper and has been all over the country showing without any problems with transport. I wish I could upload pictures because you all would be amazed (dock of tail hair completely gone, horrible rub marks down to the raw skin on both sides of his back end and a horrible gash on his front leg that took two months to heal. My vet mentioned that it needed to be stitched but the shippers during transport said that it was a "rub mark".

After my vet inspection of the wound after delivery, the vet said that the wound was too old to stitch. So it had to close without the stitches. He has a nice scar on the leg now. The interesting thing about this experience is that the people on the receiving end had the same feeling about the shippers.

I wish I could elaborate more about all are suspicions. Lets just say the shippers were acting "different". If you read further posts, you'll understand. The office manager had no reponse after pictures and vet bills were sent to the office including my concerns about the shippers behaviours.

I only wanted them to be accountable and the shippers to understand and learn about what it takes to care for our horses. No response. The owners wife was suppose to call. I'm still waiting.

Please, I'm warning you. If...

I used Equine Express a year later and the experience was completely different. The shippers were professional and the equipment were actual "air-rides". If you do use Hubbard Transportation, you better check into what type of trailer is being used. The trailer that I experienced was very very old.

Good luck!

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They Picked up my horse without coggins and health cert.I am an retired employee of the state of california dept.

food and ag. equine programs. I know the law. My filly showed up sick the people were told to have a health cert and coggins and they did not do it.

Hubbard reassured me they would have everything in hand. I pick up my sick filly frpm the riversids/colton layover and the man in the barn looked in the files and he seemed surprised there were no coggins and health cert. I talked to the lady I have always have done business and she said to me if I had a call from my driver or they called me that the filly did not have the proper paperwork (they have advertised on their website You must!!! it is a state law for most all the states) she said if I would have called you she asked would you have the horse loaded.

I said NO! However, they brought the sick filly down and she had to be put down after $11,000.00 in vet bills.

They replied too bad we did not kill her. I am having them investigated by state officials and this wasn't the first time they halled a horse durning the EVH-1 out break without new coggins and health cert. They were expired.

So now we have to go to the next step we all know a law suit is no fun!!!

I remembered attending an inspection with the State that was myself and top vet from Sac.

and Federal inspectors at Jet Pets Quarantine station, and Hubbard never cleaned out their van before...

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I've had great luck with BHHT.I'm really surprised with a lot of these stories!

I had them transport my horse from CA to WA and back. I was very satisfied both times. My horse arrived happy and healthy.

Personally, I will ALWAYS use Bob Hubbard for long distance hauls.I recently purchased a horse from TX and they will be transporting him to me in the next couple weeks.


They are awful and another transport company that screwed up my horse is Richard J.Goetz Horse Transportation.

It was awful! My horse arrived way too early on a long trip that ONE driver drove all the way through and I swear he was on drugs. He didn't know what he was doing and the agent was an absolute nightmare! She acted like she knew more than I did about my horse and how he hauled and acted as if she were better than me.

Then my horse was dehydrated and cut up and shaking. He is an excellent traveler and he has never done that but he did with this company. He was in a tiny stall that he barely fit in and the driver and the agent tried to tell me it was because my horse had tranq!!! I never authorized my horse to have anything like that!!!

It was given by them and not a vet! Lord knows how much they gave him. He's a child's horse and always travels well. And then they tried to tell me I didn't know my horse well at all and I've had him for 15 years!

Like they know my horse better than me. You just can't trust anyone these days.

The best part is, is they gave me one price and then I got a bill that was $300 more than my quoted price!Are you kidding me?!


Can't comment on their drivers since they failed to even show up to transport my horse on the day they said they would.Office staff claimed first that they dropped the ball then said they never promised a date of pickup, then it was the infamous "mis-communication" line.

Nothing but excuses but they did confirm the date and charged my credit card, so how could they not have a set date? Oh, and the date was of their choosing, not mine! Some of the poorest business practices I've ever seen. This was the first person to person contact I've had with them to transport my horse for me, but my trainer has used this company to transport our horses from race track to track.

Called him and told him to never use BHHT ever again for my horses.He agreed and said he's had issues with them in the past. They may have thought they lost a one time minor customer but they lost a multiple use customer of over 10 years.

You never know who that customer is on the other end of the phone when you decide to be rude and fail to provide the service you agreed to and was paid for.They lost far more than a lousy $180!


Wow - this is the craziest thing I have ever read.I have known of Bob Hubbard Horse Transportation for 30 years and always ship my horses with them.

EVERYONE I KNOW ships with them. My most recent shipment with them I shipped a horse from Tennessee to California. They did everything I asked including blanketing, hand walking and supplements for my horse. He arrived happy and healthy.

The driver was very nice and knew everything about my horses personality and could tell me all about the trip and how my gelding handled all of it. It sounds like the person who keeps saying that everyone who is saying they like Bob Hubbard is an employee is maybe someone that they fired for doing a bad job? Or maybe another shipper who wants to make waves for the competition?

Every time I have ever shipped horses cross country I only use Bob Hubbard and their drivers and dispatchers are very nice and seem sincerely interested in the well being of all the horses.I will never ship with anyone else.


WORST horse transport company in the world! :(


there are two side to each story...there are lot of companies out there that has truck driver as drivers and not horse people .

and there are customer that are very selfish and don't care that trucks has more horses on there.its all about them,or whats taking so long. you have few ways to deal with your horse being on with other horse on the trailer and it going to take 4 to 6 day to get to the other side of the coast or you pay direct route and you pay 3 to 4 dollars a mile. The companies has a lot to deal with time,wealthier, making 15 horses that has different personality comfortable . i been transporting for 29 years and what works for me.

i have layover stops across this country that i use for rest..and i hit the hotel for about 8 to 9 hrs...we take our time and rest the horses cross coast to coast.. i took a good customer of our ,across the country and by the time we got to the west coast,they had a different look at how we deal with transporting a horse cross the country..it is not going to your local horse show. i don't think any body want to kill any bodies horse.

not when you been out here for that long.happy trails to everybody.

to bidjack Arizona, United States #1331585

Who do you work for? I feel comfortable with what you are saying and need a horse transported.


Everyone knows that it is the BHHT employee that hates horses that keeps pressing the *** button - enough already! Nice screening of your employees BHHT - explains a lot!

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